For ambitious female entrepreneurs ready to finally create engaging content that converts

  • Monthly video training: A concise and value-packed training to teach you how to create engaging content that converts.
  • Content calendars: Never scramble for content at the start of each month. Get a customizable content calendar for daily engaging ideas.
  • Templates and Worksheets: Get my templates for social media posts that convert.
  • Q&A Hot Seat Calls: Get your questions answered and your content reviewed.
  • Monthly Implementation Days: Get the accountability you need to actually implement everything you're learning in the group. No excuse.

Join now for only $47/month (or $470/year)

YES, I Want In! At $47/month
YES, I Want In! At $470/year


Less consuming, more producing.

I'm sure you loooooove to learn. Just like me. 😅

Thing is, the learning NEVER ends.

This is a major trap in your entrepreneurial journey: A freebie here, a Bootcamp there, 56 YouTube videos, and 10 courses collecting dust on your Google Drive... 😅

So today I really want to encourage you to stop the learning. Yes, even content learning. And instead, start focusing on implementing what you already know. 👏👏👏

This is exactly why I created the Content That Sells Membership last year.

I wanted to create a space where I could support my clients, not for 1 day, 6 weeks, or even 90 days, but for as long as they desired, at a no-brainer price of $47/month. 😎

All the ladies inside the Membership have shared with me that the most valuable part of being a member is not the content or the resources that I share (although these are super valuable), but it's the ability to ask questions at any time, get live feedback, and have implementation days twice a month.

Basically, it's knowing that you're not alone and someone [ahem, ME!] is always there to hold your hand. ❤

⛔️ This is not a course ⛔️


It's a support community to help you stay accountable, on track, and do what you're supposed to do so you can grow your business. Period. 🙌

There's something truly special about having ongoing support: less stress, procrastination and second-guessing; More clarity, more confidence and faster results. 👌

If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, I'd absolutely love to have you join us! ❤

YES, I Want In! At $47/month
YES, I Want In! At $470/year